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Apollo is a god in Greek mythology, and one of the Twelve Olympians. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo is the god of archery, agriculture, poetry, and of course the sun. He is the leader of the Muses. Apollo in palmistry represents art, creativity, leisure and style.

𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘚𝘶𝘯 𝘳𝘶𝘭𝘦𝘴 𝘓𝘦𝘰

𝙋𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚: Willful, Vital, Commanding, Confident, Sunny, Playful, Risk Taking, Happy, Talented, Adaptable, Lucky
𝙉𝙚𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚: Bossy, Egocentric, Proud, Vain, Hedonistic, Shallow, Quick Tempered

Apollo rules the heart and the eyes, and through its sign Leo bears some correspondence with the back. The Apollonian/Solar type is medium height with a shapely and graceful physique (reminiscent of the heroic statues of ancient Greece).

Apollonians shine, and are frequently called “radiant”, and this characteristic contributes to their beautiful dispositions. The chest is full and muscular, body well-proportioned, and teeth finely formed. The cheeks are firm and rounded, showing no hollows. The forehead is broad and full, but not high.

The large eyes are almond-shaped and slant upwards in a feline manner. The skin is flushed around the cheeks. The mouth. is gracefully outlined, with a fullness or curl to the upper lip similar. to Elvis Presley. Solar types love gold and loud jewelry. When walking, one will observe the Apollonian archetype to bounce as if there’s a spring to their step.

In astrological terms, the Sun is the most important planet in a person’s chart. Everyone knows their Sun sign. As the center of our solar system, the Sun represents the central core, or essential being, of an individual. It’s placement in the natal chart shows a person’s path to individual creativity and self-realization.

Many times the Apollonian is a jack of all trades and master of none. This is partly due to their ample versatility. Versatility and adaptability are two primary traits of the Apollonian. They can be fickle and need change in people just as they do in life circumstances. They may have only a few close friendships and often those are with people of the opposite sex.

In the tarot the card of the Sun is ruled by the Sun. Here too it represents realization, a very high stage of spiritual enlightenment. At this stage any sense of separateness is gone. This card signals a spiritual and emotional rebirth, a moment when the individual metaphorically becomes like a holy child.

Each archetype contributes a special gift to humanity. Apollo brings creativity, play, and fun into the world. The archetype of Apollo is associated with the love of beauty. This type seeks beauty in everything: in nature, people, art, furnishings for the home, and certainly fashion! While Apollo loves the arts, they are not always artists but may be more of an artistic type, supporting the actual makers of art.

A normal Apollonian is a healthy, vigorous person, consequently happy and attractive. They are a spontaneous type. Versatility, brilliancy, love of the beautiful and artistic in everything are their attributes. Apollo is the direct opposite of gloomy Saturn in many ways. As the Saturnian is needed to check over-enthusiasm, so the Apollonian is needed in order that darkness and gloom may not dominate.

Because of their quick and clear minds they can grasp concepts quickly, make much of just a little information, and reflect ideas back to others in fresh and interesting ways. While Apollonians have inventive qualities of their own, they will often base their work on the ideas of others. Apollonians can be very opportunistic.

They can sell almost anything, because what they are really selling is their personality and charisma Apollonians are naturally athletic, with graceful and strong bodies. An otherwise moderate archetype, the indulgence for the Apollonian is over-spending. They love pleasures but rarely overdo them.

Apollonians are prone to marry, but, of all the types, they are the most prone to divorce. Additionally, this is the only archetype that is considered “naturally bisexual”

Altogether Apollonians are radiant and attractive. People of all sexes are very attractive, and that is considered just another example of their good fortune. The Apollonian is graced with a clear complexion and often has rosy cheeks. Their facial features are always pleasant an well-proportioned. Their teeth are strong and white. Their legs are well-proportioned and never fat. If they put on weight, it is usually around the midriff.

All Apollonians are a picture of health, proportion, grace and symmetry. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian man shows a classic male Apollonian.

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