The Astrological Body Types:: JUPITER::

Jupiter, also called Jove, was known as the strongest of all the Roman Gods. Like Zeus, the Greek god with whom he is etymologically identical, Jupiter was the God of the Sky and was known to throw lightening bolts. Jupiter was not only the great protecting deity of the race but also one whose worship embodied a distinct moral conception. Jupiter is especially concerned with oaths and treaties and is know for having a high moral character, as well as their outstanding leadership and ambition.

π™‹π™€π™¨π™žπ™©π™žπ™«π™š: Joyous, Faithful, Generous, Noble, Tolerant, Enthusiastic

π™‰π™šπ™œπ™–π™©π™žπ™«π™š: Egotistical, Extravagant, Carless, Overconfident, Boastful

The Jupiterian is remarkable as they can appear lordly and grand, yet cheerful and friendly. The Jupiterian is animated and has full, expansive gestures when speaking.

Jupiterians uplift, hearten and enthuse those around them without apparent need to receive such stimulus from others to keep themselves happy. Because Jupiter is such a positive addition to the vibrational energy of the group, many Jupiterians attract an abundance of friends and admirers because they’re just so fun to be around!

Jupiter’s love of their fellow ‘man makes them wonderful hosts, as it is usual for them to create social atmospheres for themselves and others. Notice what physical similarities exist amongst the people who enjoy playing host in your own social circle.

Here’s a list of some very Jupiterian characteristics you might see in these people:

β€’ They have a commanding presence
β€’ They love food and enjoy cooking
β€’ They know many different people from many different backgrounds
β€’ They are of high moral fiber
β€’ They are in a leadership role
β€’ They have attractive/ambitious partners
β€’ They are musical
β€’ They have large, prominent chins. Perhaps the largest of all the archetypes.

Jupiter is the largest planet and Jupiterians are the largest people. All Jupiterians love food; in fact many are overweight due to overeating. The Jupiter body is strong, exceptionally warm-blooded and will startle others by wearing T-shirts in bitter weather. They are the third tallest of the seven archetypes, Luna and Saturn preceding respectively.

The mark of Jupiter is a single strong vertical line between the eyebrows– one indication of a philosophical disposition. Jupiterians often have a “clown’s tip” or bulbous development at the tip of the nose.

The Jupiterian mouth is full, broad, and firm in the best types. The two front teeth are often noticeable. Long teeth in general are a Jupiterian characteristic.

The voice is positively booming. The characteristic Jupiterian laugh is loud, resonant and strong. The tone is cheerful and confident.

Jupiter loves stimulants. These are the coffee and cigarette type people. They love alcohol because it’s a sensational means of enjoying themselves, and they often over-do-it. Jupiterians are the Kings of “Over doing it”. Notice if the third phalanx of the fingers (nearest the palm) is exceptionally chubby: this shows a love of indulgence, especially if found on a Jupiterian-looking subject!

Below are some celebrities who I think look Jupiterian. Notice the tip of the nose, the strong mouth & jaw area, the flushed cheeks, the friendly expression. They have a Sagittarius look about them.

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