Fingertip shapes and what they mean in palmistry

By Sister Palm

“A boy should not buy a girl with square-tipped fingers flowers, but rather something she can use or eat.”

The fingertips are an important factor to consider when analyzing the hands because the shape of the fingertip is indicative as to what type of energy is attracted to the individual. Remember fingers are antenna for energy to enter into the person. Sometimes you will see people with different shaped tips for each of their fingertips, while others have all of the same shape.

Moreover, because each finger represents specific aspects of living in regards to planetary rulership (i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury), each finger ought to be analyzed separately to fully understand the significance of the fingertip shape.

Just as there are four seasons and four elements, there are four types of fingertips.
(Some people say there are actually five types, including “pointed” tips, but I have found Pointed tips to be so incredibly rare I consider pointed tips to be an exaggerated form of the Conical variety. Plus, it makes more sense there would be four fingertip shapes because there are also four main fingerprints which also correspond to elemental types.)

People are complex. It is very natural to have multiple types of fingertips on one hand. This is why it is important to look at each finger separately.

An extremely brief overview of the planetary rulership of the fingers is as follows:

The finger of Mercury gives information about the person’s cleverness, communication abilities, and their relationship with their family and romantic partners.

The finger of Apollo shows a person’s social nature, creative expression, and what the person might like to do recreationally.

The finger of Saturn indicates one’s work ethic and feeling of security (usually in relation to finances). This finger also shows the way in which the person assumes responsibility of their life and practically puts to use their inherent personal qualities.

The finger of Jupiter relates to a person’s sense of spirituality and quality of ambition, and how (or even if) they “wish to control people” via leadership and authority.

The Conical type is most often seen on the pointer finger ruled by Jupiter. The Conic shape is associate with the element of WATER.

Conically shaped fingers are considered quite rare, as they show an elevated nature “too high for earth” as Dr. William Benham puts it. People who are psychic may have several tapered fingers, denoting a strong conical hand. In general, conically shaped fingers show a strong connection to the ethereal realm and weak connection to their physical body.

People with many conically shaped fingers may be rather whimsical, dreamy, intuitive and idealistic.

Rounded fingertips are the most common fingertip shape and frequently found on the pinky finger ruled by Mercury. The round shape is associated with AIR.

A lot of palmistry books say rounded fingertips show a balanced nature and are considered neutral. If you have rounded fingers there’s actually not that much to elaborate on. Look elsewhere in the hand for answers.

People with rounded fingertips tend to be easy-going, uncomplicated, and well-balanced.

Square fingertips show a very practical nature inherent to the individual. The middle finger of Saturn is most likely to have a square tip. This fingertip shape is associated with EARTH.

Dr. William Benham says “a boy should not buy a girl with square-tipped fingers flowers but rather something she can use or eat.” Which is a nod to the practicality of this fingertip shape. People with square fingers generally like rules and research.

People with square fingers tend to be tidy in appearance, frugal, enjoy playing by the rules, and being on time.

Spatulate shaped fingertips get their name for being literally shaped like a spatula. The ring finger of Apollo is most likely to be spatulate shaped. This shape is indicative of energy and strong creativity, which makes sense because its corresponding element is FIRE.

If you see more than one spatulate shaped finger on a hand, know you are talking to a true individual. This person is likely very innovative and loves variety & self expression!

People with spatulate fingers tend to be artistically-minded, thinking outside of the box, very sociable, and eternal hobbyists.

The above graphic shows a depiction of each fingertip shape in correspondence to its usual phalanges.

As with all palm reading, there are no hard-and-fast rules about certain significant marks or aspects in the hands. In fact, it is the disregard for the hand as a whole which leads to many inaccurate interpretations about the hands in the first place!

People are paradoxical. The hands usually are as well. If you are studying hand reading, it is helpful to take all the time you need to carefully examine important aspects about the hands before stating any conclusions. There are probably numerous aspects which bring balance to the person whose hands you are interpreting.

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