The Quadrangle, the Mystic Triangle, and the Girdle of Venus

By Sister Palm

There are dozens of special markings on the hands to consider when reading the hand. This article covers The Quadrangle, The Mystic Cross, and The Girdle of Venus. Don’t forget an important aspect of hand reading is to “add up” all of the significant markings before drawing a specific conclusion– one that factors all relevant considerations and reflects the individuality of the person. Just as every personality is different, so is every hand (because duh! the hand itself represents the personality + life path of the person).

The Quadrangle is very significant in all methods of hand analysis from around the world. The Quadrangle is comprised of the space between the Head and the Heart lines, and is synonymous with The Plain of Mars or Rahu in Vedic Palmistry. In publications from the last sixty years this area has been described in various ways:

“A deeply hollowed quadrangle signifies an extremely sensitive and high-strung nature.”

“A much-lined quadrangle shows a person bound by their worries.”

It’s also been said that a Quadrangle with an extreme hour-glass shape to it, as if it’s pinched, shows the years of the most trial and conflict for the person.

In my own personal research, I’ve found the Quadrangle to show someone with an active temper! If the hollowed Plain of Mars/Quadrangle is on the receptive hand, it shows the person was born with a temperamental disposition but has worked to correct it. If reversed the opposite is true and the individual has developed a hot head in this lifetime.

The Quadrangle is also the site of the acclaimed Mystic Triangle, which is traditionally said to show a skill in the occult or psychic arts. If one side of the triangle is formed by the fate line, then the person’s entire life is said to be influenced by their aptitude for psychic skill. Plenty of people have these skills and don’t use them.

Mystic Triangle (formed by the fate, life, and head lines)

A true Mystic Triangle is very rare, and more often I see people have a Mystic Cross, both of which show a “mystical ability” innate in the person. A Mystic Triangle is supposed to show a stronger sense of ability than a Mystic Cross, but I don’t really agree with that myself. The Triangle is rare, so of course we see more Crosses. Again, an effective palm reader needs to add up all relevant modifiers before coming to a conclusion.

For instance: In addition to a Mystic Cross or Triangle, I would look and see if the Mount of Luna is prominent, or if a Ring of Solomon exists. Another strong signifier of psychic ability is sensitivity pads on every finger and/or a strong head line. Does the person have multiple markings in their hands that signify these abilities? Take that into consideration before making a claim.

Mystic Cross

Triangles are an auspicious mark in Vedic Palmistry. If you choose to look into this topic further, you may find these Triangles being called “Money Triangle” or “The Great Triangle”. I personally don’t give much significance to Triangles unless they exist on a Mount as an individual sign. Usually a triangle shows “brilliance” or “added energy.” But Triangles that are made up of lines aren’t as significant to me as other aspects of the lines. I could get into a whole conversation about it, but that’s for another place and time. For now it will suffice to say that triangles are… open to interpretation.

Another important mark that appears in this area of the hand is the Girdle of Venus. The Girdle of Venus is like a second Heart Line running under the Saturn and Apollo fingers. A Girdle of Venus represents tremendous sensitivity (of the heart). The person is said to have heightened awareness around the heart–so think of the heart like a conductor of energy (which it is) and a Girdle of Venus as showing so much electrical current is coursing through the heart line that a second line needed to be formed to support the energy channel.

Girdle of Venus

The Girdle of Venus is often seen half-formed or composed of a series of little lines. This is actually a rare instance where the ill-formed line is considered a positive marking, because it shows the sensitivity in matters of the heart that usually comes with a prominent Girdle of Venus is not fully formed yet, or it has been repaired in some way.

Remembering that everything modifies everything else, one can check other aspects against the Girdle of Venus to see the severity of heart sensitivity in the individual. Is the heart line stronger than the head line to begin with? How large is the thumb? A short thumb will be more emotional than a large one. What is the quality and number of Influence Lines on the Mount of Venus? What about Lines of Worry? Keep these factors in mind.

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2 thoughts on “The Quadrangle, the Mystic Triangle, and the Girdle of Venus

  1. I have a Mystic Cross, a Mystic Triangle, a Girdle of Venus, and I think I see the letter “M” on my right palm. I also have rings running around my index finger, and ring finger, and if I turn my hand, palm side up, and flatten my palm, like I’m carrying a tray,va double mound, shaped like a heart comes forth, at the base of my middle finger. I have healers marks, many of them, up and down my pinkie, and an intuitive mark, beneath my pinkie finger. I see at least a couple of star shapes where many lines converge, on my palm. One, low down on the fat outer palm, on the pinkie finger side of my hand. One up high, underneath my middle finger, smack on the heart line. I’m terrified. What does it all mean? What am I meant to be doing? Can you tell me?


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