How I became a Palm Reader

I studied many different methods of self-analysis before becoming a Palm Reader. In this post I will share with you the series of events that lead me to doing what I love today: analyzing the hands for indications about a person’s character and probable future.

In the 80s and 90s nobody was really talking about “empaths” as we relate to them today. Because of this generational difference in spiritual culture, I believe there are many people today whom, like myself, have a developed empathic or clairvoyant skill about themselves.

What are some signs I was a clairvoyant little kid? I don’t know, I guess I had a really deep connection with animals from an early age, and I would sometimes have predictive, reoccurring dreams about events that have since come to pass. I have since been told by other readers that I am clairvoyant and perhaps that is one reason why I have found luck in accuracy from the beginning of my time reading hands.

I went to college for Studio Art and I believe that was a key event that lead me to finding an interest Palmistry. An artist has to really train their eyes to see every little nuanced distinction in what they’re creating. This really set the stage for my interest in face reading, and later palm reading.

Informative Illustration; Palm Reading

Face reading and palm reading have been around for thousands of years and it’s basically just the study of Physiognomy; which is at the heart of Eastern Medicine.

“As above, so below.”

To put it very simply: Physiognomy is the study of how a person’s outside appearance relates to their inside appearance.

In 2014 (while I was actually studying to become an herbalist) I happened upon an article on the scientific validity of Hand Analysis and hand-mind connection. I was already becoming familiar with the energetic meridians in the body and Oriental Face Reading, so such a concept grabbed my attention immediately. But trying to sift-through a smattering of conflicting information online quickly deterred my interests in Palmistry altogether.

Curiosity insisting to understand, in the following five years I read every bit of information on Palm Reading I could acquire. I read books from the 1800s. I read books from the 1900s. I studied the Greeks. I read Vedic Palmistry books. I read Scientific Hand Reading books. I read everything and I nearly confused myself with all of the conflicting information I was getting!

I suppose part of my research over the years has been to make up my mind if I believe in palm reading or not. Well I do believe the hands show a surprising amount of information about our personality and lives, and I also think there are people who aren’t “legitimate” tarnishing the reputation of Palmists everywhere.

I started Sister Palm in 2019 because Palm Reading needs more advocates!

The reason why more people aren’t using palm reading for direction in life is because it hasn’t really been given any standard of legitimacy. Palmistry has been studied for thousands of years for a reason. I started reading my hand because I wanted to know what I should be doing for a career in life. Ironically, I realized through reading my own hands that I ought to be a palm reader, for it envelops several key character traits.

Through learning to read my own palms, I realized sharing the language of the hand is a true calling in life. My own personal experience has only strengthened my belief and passion for palm reading. I think of how much time I could have saved myself were I able to understand my hands at an earlier age.

Many people look to Astrology for aid in understanding themselves and others. I believe palm reading should be thought of exactly the same. Astrology and Palmistry are two sides of the same coin. They go together and there are many similarities.

While I was still learning I started reading for family and friends. Invariably I would be out and someone would ask for their hand to be read. This showed there is a need for hand reading in my community. A lot of people want to get as much information about themselves as possible.

Now that I understand palmistry I am baffled as to why it’s not more mainstream at this point in the evolution of humanity. I’m happy to be an advocate for people learning about any of the divinatory arts, especially palm reading as it is so under-utilized in our society today!

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My name is Miriam. I am a Palm Reader & Clairvoyant from Austin, Texas. For over decade I've been studying hand reading & other divinatory arts, offering palm readings both over Zoom and in-person. Sister Palm was created from a passion to make palm readings modernly accessible as a form of self-discovery.

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