A 60-Minute IN-PERSON Palm Reading + Hand Print includes a one-hour palm reading and personalized art of the individual’s hands.

I print the hands hands, label special markings, determine the planetary archetype & more during our one-hour palm reading. Clients leave the palm reading with a labeled printing of their hands as personalized artwork.

I advise on career, relationships, special talents, constitution of health, personal character, what will likely happen next, and anything the client is interest in knowing about.

Because lines in the hands change, it’s nice to have a record of what your hands look like to compare at a later date.

Analyzing the hands in real-life gives that extra bit of information that is so necessary to answer certain types of in-depth questions.

Available only in Austin, TX.

In-Person Palm Reading + Print GIFT CERTIFICATE

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A 30-minute ONLINE reading is an easy first-time experience with hand analysis!

Clients send pictures of their hands to before our appointment and we go over the pictures on Zoom video chat with a shared screen, so I can mark on the pictures as I explain the meanings of the markings to the client.

A 60-minute ONLINE reading is an in-depth hand analysis on a multitude of aspects.

Clients simply send pictures of the hands to my email and we go over it on Zoom video chat with a shared screen, so I can mark on the pictures as I explain the markings in the hands.

In these types of readings I am able to give the client a lot of information because we have an entire hour together for questions and explanation.

“Miriam was super on-point and fun! She picked up on things I had put on the back-burner. Thank you Sister Palm!”
– Melissa
“Very professional and informed. I appreciated her detailed explanations of the very nuanced lines and typography in the hand”
– Bret Luis
“Miriam is a beautiful person and I really loved my reading. It’s so reassuring knowing I’m on the right path.”
– Emily

Are you a repeat client?

If you have already had your hands printed by me once before, you can now get 20% OFF all future In-Person Palm Readings! Thank you for supporting the Metaphysical Sciences.
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