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About Sister Palm

Chirologist | Clairvoyant | Palm Reader

I’ve been studying palm reading for a long time because I just find the philosophy of body reading to be fascinating and extremely intricate. In fact, it was in a college portraiture class I first became acquainted with Physiognomy, the practice of assessing a person’s character and constitution from their outer appearance—especially the face.

Over the past ten years I expanded my knowledge of the Divinatory Arts to tarot, astrology, numerology, body ready, energy healing, and herbalism. Though I have studied many disciplines under these umbrella terms, Palmistry ( also called Chirology) is my favorite, partially because I believe it to be so incredibly under-rated and miraculously accurate. Every reading verifies my passion for the art of hand analysis.

It is truly amazing that every mark on our bodies actually marks a bit of information about ourselves and our genetic constitution. Just as the Botanist studies the bark of a tree for information, so can the Palmist look into the hands to gain information about the person attached.

I created Sister Palm in 2019 to share what I’ve learned about Palm Reading with others because I believe this lost art is relevant, reliable, remarkable, and for some reason still obscure!

Palm Reading needs contemporary advocates and it is a pleasure to participate in making this practice of self-discovery available to people in my community and beyond.

Currently I offer palm readings online via zoom call by analyzing pictures of the hands. These readings are affordable and accessible to people all over the world.
I regularly offer palm readings in-person in Austin, TX.
Inquire at for group events in Central Texas.


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