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About Sister Palm

Chirologist | Clairvoyant | Palm Reader

Hi there, I’m Miriam, and I created Sister Palm in 2019 to share the art of Palm Reading with my community in Austin, TX and beyond. I believe this lost art is relevant, reliable, remarkable, and for some reason largely under researched!

I’ve been studying palm reading since 2008, when I first became acquainted with body reading at college through the concept of Physiognomy, the practice of assessing a person’s character and constitution from their outer appearance.

Over the past ten years I’ve expanded my knowledge of the Divinatory Arts to include tarot, astrology, numerology, body ready, energy healing, and herbalism.

Although I have studied many esoteric disciplines, Palmistry has called to me the strongest. I believe it to be just as incredibly under-rated as it is miraculously accurate. Every reading further verifies my passion for the art of hand analysis.

The idea of “palm reading” is simple: The marks on our bodies give information about ourselves and our genetic constitution. Just as the Botanist studies the bark of a tree for information, so can the Palmist look into the human hand to gain information about the person attached.

I currently offer palm readings online, an interesting take on the tradition, where I talk my clients through the process of hand analysis by live-analyzing pictures of their hands over Zoom call. These readings are affordable and accessible to people all over the world.

I also regularly offer palm readings in-person in Austin, TX.

Inquire at for group events in Central Texas.


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